Experiment: No Shampoo

A few days ago I was out with a man who had truly lovely hair. When queried Judi Online M88 about it he revealed his secret - no shampoo. I’ve heard people claim that most modern shampoos are absolute terror for your hair, particularly those using sodium laureth sulfate. For years I’ve only used shampoo and body wash that doesn’t contain it, but I’d never considered simply not washing my hair altogether because, well, that sounds gross.

A bit of Googling later revealed that when one goes “no poo” Poker 88 (the rather daft name the movement has adopted), you don’t actually eschew from all washing. First, you use baking soda in your hair, with a very diluted apple cider vinegar solution as a conditioner. Two weeks later, you stop using both for another two weeks. This is the point most people give up, because apparently your hair will become very, very greasy. After that, you go back to the baking soda/vinegar routine once a week.

Does this work? I have no idea. I only have the example of the man with lovely hair, but his was already wavy and thick, so maybe he’d have lovely hair if he washed it in turpentine. But I’m keen to find out. Not because I dislike shampoo, great stuff, but just because I’m thirty-five so what the hell? 

The wife has veto power on the whole thing - hair gets too gross, back to shampoo I go. I won’t attack you with progress pictures, but if it all goes according to plan expect a final shot of my luxuriant mane.

Tutorial of Shampoo @ Agen Poker


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