Greatest Men’s Style Moment of 2013 (so far): Frank Ocean at the Grammys

My love for Frank Ocean is well-documented (if you stalk me online). At this year’s Grammy Awards he set the bar for men dressing well in 2013.

He performed in a subtle nod to both Forrest Gump and Richie Tennenbaum


And accepted his award in Dior Homme, managing to make a collarless jacket seem cool again. 


He’s also on Instagram (of course he is) as Francis Tenenbaum. Man crush, engage!

I am lucky, I don’t have aches and pains. I do Pilates regularly which is a series of stretching exercises and I recommend it to anyone of my age because the temptation is not to exercise when you get older.

Well, you should. I always walk up the escalator on the Tube and I live in a house with a lot of stairs. That’s good exercise.