Top Tips for Preparing for Your Best Mountain Biking Trip

Serious bikers look forward to taking rides throughout the year, and some who can’t wait for optimal conditions in their area take trips in order to stay in shape and keep riding. However, if you’re going somewhere new, or riding trails that are not in your hometown, you may forget a number of items, and going unprepared is almost as worse as not being able to ride at all! Below, you’ll find a number of mountain biking tips for your eyes and mind to ride through before taking your next trip.


It is essential for any day, but if you’re preparing to burn a lot of calories, you need to bring along food. However, mountain bikers and other athletes may seek specific foods that are high in carbs and protein. Bikers ingest energy bars, gels, and other snacks that are specifically engineered for athletes, especially high calorie-burning sports. Alternatively, ‘regular’ food that is high in carbs, such as bagels or dried fruit, is another option if you can’t get to an athletic store for biker-specific snacks.


Water is even more necessary to bring along for a long or short ride. You’ll be burning a good amount of calories and working your body hard, so while you’re losing water and headed toward dehydration, be sure to replenish and keep from feeling too exerted. Since holding water in hand is uncomfortable, fasten a bottle holder onto your bike. Alternatively, hikers buy small daypacks or hydration packs with a water pouch and nozzle that conveniently extends, so you can drink while riding.


Road cyclists often take tools on rides in case of a flat tire. You may not be going as far as some road cyclists, yet a flat tire or other mishap could become extremely inconvenient. In addition to basic tools such as a spare tube or tire lever, consider taking an Allen-wrench set, multi tool, and a smart phone.


Of course, you’ll be sweating, but you can’t predict when weather patterns may change, especially in the mountains. While you’re in need and your waterproof hoodie is back at Jackson Hole luxury hotels, you’ll be wishing for a better state of affairs. Also, plan for the day rather than just the bike ride. For example, you may make friends on the trails who would like to stop for a drink before heading home. You’ll be pleased you have something dry and comfortable to change into rather than remain sweaty and smelly amongst friends.

Also, remember to wear layers rather than rely on one piece of clothing. If you’re a beginner, you may opt to wear ‘sweat’ shirts and pants made of cotton, but that’s a terrible mistake since cotton retains sweat (and rain). Since biking causes a lot of friction within the inner thigh area, you may want to invest in a pair of biking shorts to curb sweat and discomfort.

Now, you’re well on your way to being prepared, which makes any trip better and more enjoyable!

Peter O’Reilly is a travel agency associate. He likes to share his travel insights online. His articles appear on many vacation and travel websites.

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