Three Tips For Dressing The Man In Your Life

Alright ladies, you have to admit that sometimes men just don’t know how to dress. Not all of them, of course, but there are a few that would prefer to wear a t-shirt and jeans to the opera. What do you do with them ladies?


There is one thing you can do to help the man in your life adopt a little style. That is to help him shop. You don’t need to pick out his whole wardrobe, but giving him a few suggestions on accessories and pairings won’t harm a thing and he just might learn something about fashion.


Start With The Overall Look


When it comes to going out for a fancy dinner or even a night on the town, you want to make sure your man has a great overall look. Not only does he need a nice shirt and pants, but he should be sporting some stylish accessories.


While some guys think a night out calls for nothing more than some jeans and a shirt, you want to at least make sure those jeans are new and not full of holes or stains, and you want that shirt to be something better than a concert t-shirt.


If your man prefers a tee, it may be difficult to get him to cross over into the button up shirt category, so instead opt for a polo shirt. This versatile shirt isn’t just for polo and tennis players, and contrary to some men’s beliefs they do not always look like a work shirt either.


Add A Couple Accessories


The thing that can really pull of his look is which accessory he chooses to wear. Many men don’t wear accessories, but they should. It can be as simple as wearing a stylish watch.


According to Dalys 1895, the bracelet trend for men is something worth trying. There’s more to it than just putting on a bracelet. Your man needs to make sure he is matching the right materials and going for the right kind of look.


If you have a guy willing to wear a suit, great accessories for him include cufflinks and tie clips. These are no good when he isn’t wearing a suit and tie though!


Don’t Forget To Polish From Head To Toe


It is true that shoes say a lot about a guy, and that you can tell how much he cares about his appearance by looking at them. That means it is just as important to help him pick the right shoes as it is to make sure he grooms himself before heading out.


His shoe style will definitely depend on his choice of attire. Take a little time to look into what is in style for the season and find something stylish that looks good with casual, if that’s his look, or something more dressy if he’s a suit and tie kind of guy.

Finally, let him know it’s really OK to brush his hair and use a little gel or something to keep the fly-aways tamed. If he has a beard he may want to comb that too!

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