The British are Coming, and They’re Better Dressed

When I came to visit London in December and help my wife move in, she said that she had figured out why men in London were so much more stylish than men in Vancouver (or even New York and Paris).

Oh yeah? Why?


The men of London are exposed at a much younger age to quality items, from bespoke tailoring to umbrellas that don’t turn inside out. But if I had to list one thing that separates their look from most other cities, other than perhaps Tokyo, it would be the shoes. London men wear better shoes. 

(The Arthur brogue from Topshop, around $100.)

I don’t mean the shoes are necessarily better made, at least not at the price point most of us shop at. I’m not even sure that they have more access to better-looking shoes, although London is obviously a much larger city than Vancouver. But what is clear, especially walking through the financial district, is that London men make more astute shoe buying choices - the shoes look like they were chosen with the outfit (which are themselves so much nicer. But that’s a different post.)