5. The Only Difference

I am the worst sort of hypocrite - every day I check The Sartorialist to look at his photos. And if all he did was take photographs, the world would be a much better place. But no. Occasionally—and, maddeningly, more than occasionally in recent years—Mr. Schuman will take the time to voice his opinion on things. And his opinion, whether of himself or young bloggers or the way one eats lunch, is always, always wrong. 

How can someone’s opinion be wrong? When it’s attached to the kind of blowhardiness Donald Trump finds off-putting. In a recent interview with BlackBook he proves once again why nothing should ever come out of his mouth by comparing himself with photography legend August Sander.

Your images are rooted in fashion. Do you consider yourself a fashion photographer?

August Sander was a strict photographer but because he captured such interesting elements of life at that moment, now a 100 years later you can’t help but look at the fashion in these photographs. The only difference with me is I have a chance share a fashion experience for a contemporary audience with my photographs.

Emphasis is my own, but don’t think he wasn’t thinking those italics.

EDIT: Not really an edit, but something I thought today while in Shoreditch - Schuman photographs people because he likes what they’re wearing; Sander photographed people because he liked people. I don’t know about you, but when I look at Sander’s collections the last thing I’m thinking about is fashion.