Planning Your Wedding With Little Time and Money

While for most people planning a wedding can take a year, not everyone wants to wait that long to get married. You also might not want to spend as much money as you would on a wedding that seems to take forever to plan. It’s important to know that you don’t have to wait some set time between engagement and marriage. It’s all about what the two of you want. It’s also important to know that you don’t have to invite your whole extended family and everyone of your friends. Your wedding is about you and if they can’t accept that then they may not deserve to be part of your big day anyway.

The key to a quick wedding plan is to focus on your plan. You may have a little time, depending on how long you’ve given yourselves. It also depends on the money you plan to spend.

Your Plan

What are the things you need? You’ll need a dress and tux, a list of who you’re inviting, a venue and of course those that will stand with you and witness your union. That’s basically the minimum.

When you are looking for a venue, depending on where you live, look for a place that offers a few of your needs- catering for your reception, seating, and more. Grandview San Jose, a great venue in California, is one of those places that offers everything you need under one roof. According to their website they offer custom menus and more.

Shop wedding shows for your dress where you might find a good deal that will help save you some money. Rent his tuxedo.

Your marriage isn’t about the glitz and glamour, it’s about being in love and being together. That means you don’t need to feel bad if your wedding doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.

Decorating for Cheap

One of the places you may spend a lot of wasted money is in decorating, both for the wedding and for your reception afterwards. All of these items are expendable, so why spend a ton on streamers. Make some homemade candle holders and other items that can go home with your guests at the end instead of spending money on specialty items. Enlist bridesmaids to help out.

You can find a ton of great wedding decor ideas on Pinterest with just a simple search or two. Many of them can be made with items bought at a local dollar store, meaning you can make them really cheap.

Remember, don’t stress when it comes to planning a wedding in a short time. As long as you are marrying someone you love it will all work out fine, even if you end up not getting things planned exactly as you wanted.

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