How Your Personal Style Drives the Wheels of Fashion

When you read the word “Fashion”, what does that evoke in your mind? If I’m playing this game, I picture a thin woman with wide set eyes, full red lips, brown hair styled in such a way that would make you think What is that? if you saw it on the street, all gracing the cover of a magazine selling makeup and underwear. Fashion, in the commercial sense, is at once elite and for the masses. It’s an idea, the notion of perfectly novel and alluring beauty, that drives the millions to buy this or that, to get themselves a little piece of the ineffable nugget of fashion. Similar movements drive the way humans do everything, from the kinds of food we eat to the sort of music we listen to. In this was “fashion” makes sense as a part of our daily life. Like the dictionary would say if I wrote it, fashion is just how we do things at any given time.


But let’s take this back to fashion as the word for how we dress and ornament ourselves to best handle the world we live in. Fashion in this sense is about figuring out how your personal style relates to a disembodied sense of beauty, presentability, and cool. You may rebel against prevailing notions of what these things are and how they should be recognized, but you are still reacting to this fashion idea. Unless you live in a cave by yourself, your notions of style are somehow wrapped up in your personal response to the question of fashion.


As are everyone else’s. You don’t have to go to Cosmetology school, of which Marinello Schools of Beauty are good ones, to be a part of fashion (though cosmetology school doesn’t hurt…more on that later). Fashion changes like all things change: little by little, everywhere at once. Just as they say that in the universe, every particle has gravitational effect on every other particle, so it is in fashion. If you are wearing it, and someone sees you, that person makes a value judgment, conscious or unconscious, about what you’re wearing and how they are going to respond to it. I’m not saying this to make you self conscious. But it’s true.


With the force of billions of decisions like this made every day, the fashion monster moves and grows. Some of these decisions build upon one another. Others cancel each other out. And it’s all going nowhere in particular. It’s not like we’re moving toward some great fashion conclusion. It’s all just fashion, part of how humans live and breathe. We’ve got to live and dress somehow, and nobody’s making that decision for us (though they do influence it to a big degree), so in this way, fashion in organic and wild.


But you can become a part of it, with intention and skill. Cosmetology school is one of the ways to do this. With so many cosmetology schools out there, it may be hard to know which one to go to, though I made a pretty good recommendation above. With a cosmetology degree or certification under your belt you’ll be able to put your personal stamp on the way people look which, in turn, will influence the way fashion evolves in your area, the surrounding region, and the world. The internet accelerates and confuses this process, making it less about place and more about intellectual/personal movement. But it happens. And you can be a part of it. Go to cosmetology school and learn all the skills you’ll need to do it right. You can be a part of fashion. You already are, after all.

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