How to Get the Best Skin You’ve Ever Had in Your Life

I know I don’t have to tell you this, but our skin can have a lot of problems. Whether it’s too oily, too dry, too covered with acne, or too some color that you don’t like, good skin is an effort. Don’t believe the people that say “Oh I just wake up this way”…though…maybe they aren’t lying. But let’s, for the purposes of this article, assume that they are. Don’t listen to a word they say. Cut them out of your life. That done, here are some of the observations I have made on my personal quest to get my skin from bad to great! It has taken years, lots of attempts with different products, and a fair amount of determination. But I’ve finally achieved skin that, though not perfect, I will take. I love my skin now. It looks as healthy as it did when I was 7, and I think I’m going to be able to make it last. So what follows is my story of acne masks, so get ready for some acne treatment and I shall tell you a tale.


  • Chapter One: In Which I Get Off My Butt. Getting off my butt wasn’t natural for me, but I was growing acne on it, so I had to do something. Given that they don’t make acne masks for butts, I was forced to consider other options. So I started exercising. First I ran around my neighborhood, ¾ of a mile reducing me to a wheezing heap of sweat and expectorated lung phlegm. It wasn’t as easy as putting on my acne mask. It seemed that the runners’ life was not for me. So I got a gym membership. And I went 3 times. Feeling that maybe fitness was a lifestyle not fated for me to experience, I stopped exercising altogether for a couple of months. Then, finally, I started doing simple exercises in my home, using simple phone apps that everyone can get. Timed exercises, with a little video instructor encouraging me, were just what I needed. And after a couple of weeks, I started to feel results, when combining this treatment with an acne mask. One of the first was that I suddenly felt that my skin wasn’t in a constant state of falling apart. It was like it had a strength all its own, one that didn’t need constant monitoring, or creams smeared. I kept it up.
  • Chapter Two: In Which I Get Myself Hydrated. I like water, but I won’t say that I usually savor the drinking of it. I more just pour the stuff down my gullet, like oil into the motor of a car. It keeps me alive, it’s a little refreshing while I do it. But when I started exercising, I started to realize that I needed a lot more of it. So I drank a couple liters of it a day. And I found that this had a lot of effects on my body. For one thing, I was more clear-headed when I woke up in the morning, right before I put on my acne mask. Then I noticed that my lips didn’t have the little peaks and valleys I so hate but had learned to live with. Nor did their tender lip skin peel at the slightest breeze. These two techniques (with the help of my acne mask) may be the two most significant methods I’ve found for skin health.
  • Chapter Three: In Which I Buy a Tub of Coconut Oil. Coconut oil has great health effects, which you’ve heard all about if you use the internet or broadcast media. I’m not here just to jump on the bandwagon. But I have noticed that when I grease up the old skin with coconut oil, it seems to like it. Perhaps “grease” isn’t the right word, because it’s not greasy. But my skin seems to love it. I put it on right before I put my acne mask on at night.

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