How to Clean a Kitchen Fast

Out of all the rooms you might be lucky to have in your house or apartment, the kitchen is possibly the one you use the most. Requiring a healthy amount of time and attention every day, life lived in the kitchen is more significant than potentially life lived in any other part of one’s house. It’s the place you go to get the energy you need to work through the day, the place where the family often congregates and the place you go to help complete most of your household chores.

Keeping it clean then is something of a necessity for people who like spending a lot of time at home. As for how to do it as fast as possible so that you have time for other activities? That’s what the following pieces of advice hope to suggest.

Keep Appliances in Great Condition

First on the list that will save you a lot of time preventing otherwise-avoidable accidents and messes is to make sure your appliances are in good condition in the first place. That means keeping things like washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves in good condition and also ensuring that you keep them clean and free from debris that could otherwise impede their use. Regularly managed and maintained appliances take a lot of the headache out of other chores too, helping to save you crucial time for other important activities and endeavours.

Get All Supplies Together

Getting all your cleansers, sponges, dishcloths and other materials required for cleaning together at one time is a handy time saver that also prevents you getting distracted from the task at hand. Making a list of what you have to clean and understanding the things you’ll need to clean can help you get this step right the first time.

Fill a Sink with Hot Water and Add Soap

Investing in a double sink is a massive advantage in helping to clean a kitchen quickly. If that’s not the case however then still make sure you follow the step of running a sink with soap first before adding water, giving it time to dilute and thus be more effective when it comes to cleaning surfaces. Make sure you remove scraps, debris and left-overs from your sink first. Collect anything lying around on your kitchen tops here first, before disposing of it and going about cleaning.

Go Through Kitchen Systematically

After depositing hard-to-clean objects in the sink to soak, think about how to go about cleaning your kitchen systematically in order to be most effective. That might mean following a practical list of high-priority tasks, like taking the trash out first, then moving onto to clearing countertops, cupboards and tables. Going through your kitchen in an order adds some semblance to the task, preventing you from dirtying things further or having to repeat clean.

Sweep, Mop and Vacuum

If you haven’t got time to hit all three then understand that the simple and quick act of vacuuming can make the biggest cosmetic improvement on your kitchen. Run the cleaner in all corners of your kitchen and across the edges and you’ll cover most of your bases while giving you a little extra time to move on to other cleaning duties. The vacuum cleaner? The ultimate quick-fix cleaning tool.

Cleaning your kitchen doesn’t have to take an age. Follow the above advice and you’ll soon be reducing the amount of time it takes you.

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