Cleaning House- Some Things You May Have Forgotten

House cleaning. For some people it’s a simple task that you do on a regular basis. For others it’s something they dread doing and simply wait until they have to. Are you one of those people that schedule your cleaning chores as though they are just a normal part of life? Or, are you one of those people that simply make a mad rush to clean house whenever guests are announced? Whichever you are, here are three things you just might be forgetting about when you do your clean sweep.


Cleaning Under and Behind Items


There are a million nooks and crannies in your home and every one of them has the ability to collect things like dust, pet hair and, of course, human skin. Eww, right? So, how often do you get under and behind the refrigerator when you sweep and mop the kitchen? Can you imagine how much stuff is under and behind there? Plus, in the kitchen mostly, you risk the chance of attracting things like mice, ants and cockroaches when you don’t get all the nooks and crannies while cleaning.


How about under your bed? Not only is their a lot of allergy inducing dust living up under that bed, you may also find that sock that was missing the last time you did laundry.


Dust in Your Appliances


Do you take care of the lint trap when you dry the laundry? Sure you do because not doing it can be a fire hazard and you don’t want to burn down your home. Washington Energy Services suggest you make sure to get heat pumps in your home professionally cleaned, especially after winter. This can go for many of those forgotten and taken for granted utility items in your home. Make sure you are clearing dust and debri from vents, whether it’s the heating vent or the air conditioner vent.


Dusting is one great way to keep allergens down in your home, even if no one in your home has dust allergies. Things comes with dust, like dust mites. Yuck.


Clean Your Carpets


You vacuum. Probably on a daily, or at least weekly, basis. However, when was the last time you clean your carpet, whether professionally or not. If you have a pet, their dirt and dander can get deep down in the carpet fibers. Even if you are petless, your carpet is home to dust, mold, food and more disgusting things. That’s why a good cleaning once in a while is a good idea.


You don’t have to pay large amounts for a professional to come in. Many big box stores carry carpet cleaners that you can purchase, and some that you can even rent. This way you can clean whenever you need to and make sure you feel confident sitting on your carpet or allowing your children to play there.

You don’t have to rearrange your whole home every time you clean, but make a plan once a month to do a deep cleaning of your home to ensure that it’s a clean healthy environment for your lungs!

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