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3 Tips for Avoiding Injury While Exercising

To live a happy life, it’s important that you also live a healthy life. Feeling fit and in shape can work wonders on your quality of life and your mental and emotional health. Taking just 30 to 60 minutes a day focusing on your physical health can bring improvements in almost every aspect of your life.   However, it’s vital that you exercise in a safe way in order to prevent any injury or damage to your body. To keep you looking great while feeling great, here are some tips for avoiding Read more [...]

Things to Consider When Buying a Treadmill

Running on a treadmill is a popular form of exercise with a number of health benefits ranging from burning calories to cardiovascular health. When looking to purchase a treadmill for your home, there are a number of things to consider. Here are some things to look at when comparing treadmills on the market. The Price Treadmills are usually a big expense, but as with most exercise equipment, you get what you pay for. In general, treadmills can be found in three distinct price ranges. The cheaper treadmills Read more [...]