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How to Become a Fashionista Superstar On Instagram

Social media websites like Instagram have helped to turn many everyday people into mini-icons and celebs and you can follow in their footsteps. If you consider yourself to be something of a fashionista then you can use the social media channel to show off what you can do and influence many people around the world. These days more people take fashion advice from their Instagram icons than some of the most famous fashion magazines and if you want to get involved then you need to get smart about how Read more [...]

Get money-off on ethically-sourced clothes at Gap!

Gap was founded in the 1960s and initially targeted at young shoppers, the name supposedly referring to the 'Generation Gap' in the 1960s, between parents who had experienced economic depression and war and teenagers who had grown up during the Golden Age of Capitalism. As such, it originally sold LPs alongside Levi jeans, promoting its stores as a cool alternative to wherever your parents shopped. In the decades since, Gap has expanded its remit to appeal to families, not just teenagers, with several Read more [...]

Finding Comfort And Confidence In Clothing

Sometimes it’s hard to find clothing that you feel both comfort and confidence in. Either you have to dress like a stiff to feel as though you have the power of confidence. For guess that can mean a red tie. For women that can mean the perfect pair of heels.   However, for most guys, a suit and tie isn’t something comfortable to wear. For women, heels may not not be the most comfortable thing to wear either. In fact, not all women can wear heels. Does that make them any less feminine or Read more [...]

How Your Personal Style Drives the Wheels of Fashion

When you read the word “Fashion”, what does that evoke in your mind? If I’m playing this game, I picture a thin woman with wide set eyes, full red lips, brown hair styled in such a way that would make you think What is that? if you saw it on the street, all gracing the cover of a magazine selling makeup and underwear. Fashion, in the commercial sense, is at once elite and for the masses. It’s an idea, the notion of perfectly novel and alluring beauty, that drives the millions to buy this Read more [...]

Three Tips For Dressing The Man In Your Life

Alright ladies, you have to admit that sometimes men just don’t know how to dress. Not all of them, of course, but there are a few that would prefer to wear a t-shirt and jeans to the opera. What do you do with them ladies?   There is one thing you can do to help the man in your life adopt a little style. That is to help him shop. You don’t need to pick out his whole wardrobe, but giving him a few suggestions on accessories and pairings won’t harm a thing and he just might learn something Read more [...]

Designer Prom Dresses Make Prom Extraordinary

For young girls, there are a few events that require a formal attire, starting with a baptismal gown to dresses for a flower girl dress, junior high graduations, and, maybe, a bridesmaid dress. But in high school, the most anticipated dress is the one selected for prom night. The Hunt for the Finest Some girls are compelled to wear hand-me-downs or gowns from second-hand shops. Others are forced into choosing from a small selection at chain discount department stores. It is not unlike their future Read more [...]

Can fashion be an investment?

In some ways shopping can seem a bit like a frivolous activity, my father was always telling me off for shopping too much, for ‘wasting’ my money on clothes, shoes, and other fashion essentials. While I have to admit that a lot of my fashion purchases when I was younger weren’t necessarily the smartest decisions, what I’ve come to learn over time is that if you are a bit selective in what you buy then fashion items can be a bit of an investment. I am not a regulated investment adviser, so Read more [...]