8 Ideas for the Ultimate Ladies Night

Whether you’re going out or staying in, ladies night’s are a venerable tradition among girl friends. They help us take a break from our busy lives and reconnect with the women closest to us, and that bonding time actually results in reduced stress and increased happiness throughout the week. Here are some creative ideas for your next ladies night.

1. Bake-a-thon

Remember when you were kids and thought there’d be nothing more delicious than a cookie packed with candy bars, sugary cereals, and topped with whipped cream? Take this opportunity to live the dream with your favorite friends. Don’t stop baking new creations until your kitchen is covered in sprinkles and flour.

The best part about this ladies night activity? You’ll be reaping the benefits of your homemade concoctions all week long. Don’t forget to write down the recipes to your favorite sugar mash-ups so you can share them with all your favorite ladies.

2. Faux-bachelorette party

Pick-up a gag veil and a few silly accessories, and fake it all night. Bar hop and see which “bride-to-be” can score the most free drinks, or the most phone numbers! Don’t feel bad, you’re not actually engaged, remember?!

3. Photoshoot

Bust out your most extravagant clothes and showcase your own natural beauty by posing for a photo shoot. Head out to a pretty piece of wilderness, or just use your own backyard. Rotate models, photographers, props, and outfits. Find some flowers, cute animal friends, and get creative with your make up.

The best part is, you’ll have the pictures forever.  

4. Host a wine-tasting party

Find the best local wine market, and select as many cheap and delicious looking bottles as you can carry (maybe snag some cheese, too). Then set up a filling station, and let the fancy words of appreciation ooze out as you daintily sip each vintage and assess its quality.  

5. Pig out

Find your favorite pizza joint, hot-dog cart, or greasy spoon and order all the food that’s impossible to eat gracefully on a date. Don’t worry the girls won’t judge, they’ll be too busy filling their faces with french fries.  

6. Super sleepover

Grab some gossip mags, sleeping bags, and as many pillows a you can find, throw a romcom in the DVD player, and an ugly green mask on your face, and then paint your nails while you trade ex-boyfriend horror stories. If you’re feeling really nostalgic try playing a game of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.

7. Photo booth pub crawl

Few things are more fun to do on a night out than crawling into a photo booth after you’ve had a couple of drinks. So, do a web search for bars and restaurants – and their hours – that have photo booths, create a map, and let photobooth fun guide your night out. You’ll never be at a loss of where to go next, or what to do when you get there, and you might just discover some cool new spots you’ve never hit up before.

8. Swap Meet
Part of the fun of having super close girlfriends is sharing wardrobes, but since you don’t live together, it’s not always possible to make the most of shared wardrobes. A ladies swap meet is the perfect solution. Bring items you love, but have worn a few too many times, and trade them for someone else’s new-to-you duds.

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